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We have also developed marketing and sales strategies for several leading telecommunications and information technology companies. Some strategies covered new Intelligent Network capabilities that are offered worldwide by the various Bell, independent, and foreign local exchange carriers as well as network security products and developing alternative distribution channels.

In addition, we have performed industrywide competitive analyses for Intelligent Buildings, satellite modems, structured cabling systems, telephone systems (PBXs), and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs).   We have also been hired to conduct seminars on various information technology management, intelligent buildings, network security and cabling topics for various associations as well as major organizations worldwide.

Our focus is to apply technology as a strategic resource for an organization to improve their quality of service as well as gain and maintain market share.  We are not bound by a "cheapest cost" solution approach, but adhere to a total quality process of getting the right solution at the best possible price.  We have determined that in any industry, "Best Practices” means also knowing how to apply technology to the organization.


CARLINI & ASSOCIATES, INC. has a great depth of expertise in the information and telecommunications technologies area.  We have developed new ways of assessing at technology from both an end-user's perspective as well as from a regulatory perspective.  Of equal importance to our expertise is our reputation of integrity and objectivity.  Unlike many consultants that have finder's fee arrangements with distributors and vendors, we are not bound by any commission or referral fee agreement with any vendor in selecting or recommending equipment and services.

As more organizations look at E-Commerce solutions as a new way of doing business, we have developed guidelines for reliability and redundancy for mission critical applications as well as Advanced Network Security methodology.

Some organizations are wasting money on overpriced services or paying for services that they are not utilizing to the fullest extent.   We can perform our strategic Technology Resource Assessment to determine tangible savings as well as uncover network security gaps.  We insure that firms are getting their money’s worth.

If quality results are what you are looking for, please feel free to call us now at 773-3701888 or 847-836-1888.   You can always Email us.

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Economic Development equals Broadband Connectivity and more municipalities and industrial parks are adding network infrastructure that includes fiber optics.