Far Glory Air Cargo Park and Free Trade Zone Center in Taiwan.  A competitive advantage for Taiwan globally.

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Text Box: Throughout the years, CARLINI & ASSOCIATES, INC. has advised major real estate and property management companies nationwide on complex high tech and mission critical properties.  We have also participated in the Intelligent Building Institute as a founding member.  James Carlini was the chairman of the Definitions Committee from 1986 to 1988.
From 1986 when we worked with JMB Realty and Urban Engineering on reviewing intelligent buildings and ranking them as well as performing network infrastructure assessments at Century City to the present, working with both the DuPage National Technology Park and CenterPoint Properties on developing strategies for marketing Intelligent Industrial Campuses, we have always acted as the catalyst for bringing new ideas and implementing them.
On mission critical applications, our best examples are the Chicago 911 Center and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  Both of these diverse buildings have several things in common: they must be reliable, their communication networks are critical to their daily operations and they must have the highest priority for business continuity.
James Carlini was the Consultant to the Mayor’s Office for the planning and design of this emergency communications center.  It opened in 1995 and is still considered the number one 911 center in the country by the Homeland Security Agency.
In the late 1990s with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, James Carlini helped in assessing several wireless solutions to the trading floors including paging systems and market data.  He also was brought in to work on the final contract negotiations with AT&T on the initial GLOBEX international network.
The concept of Best Practices is a moving target.  What was considered a “Best Practice” in a prior year may be a minimal requirement this year.  Don’t be fooled by firms’ claims of “Best Practices”.  They can be obsolete.  Continual improvement is a much better approach to monitoring and managing organizational needs as well as measuring infrastructure for enduser customers.   We have developed a sophisticated evaluation criteria that includes price, but also includes reliability and redundancy among twelve major areas that are sometimes overlooked in making major assessments and decisions on technology investments.


My view on Best Practices?  Best Practices are a moving target and sometimes change with the weather.