CARLINI & ASSOCIATES, INC. performed the first comparison test among six buildings in downtown Seattle in 1986.




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James Carlini pioneered the concept of Measuring Building Intelligence.  He created the CARLINI BUILDING INTELLIGENCE (CBI) test that quantified and measured the amount of information, communications, and building automation technology within a building in 1985.  He also authored, “Measuring A Building’s IQ” in the Fall 1985 edition of NYU’s Real Estate Review.

He was also the initial Chairman of the Intelligent Buildings Institute's Definitions Subcommittee in Washington, D.C. in 1986 through 1988. 

He has created other metrics for technology and valuation methods that help senior management understand the impact of adding technology to their business in industries including real estate, telecommunications, finance, and health care.  This includes the TARGET Map of Technology to determine the viability of in-place technology within an organization.

He is a former Director of End User Council for the Association of Cabling Professionals and holds four national network infrastructure certifications:

· CFI – Cabling Facilities Integrator

· IC – Infrastructure Consultant

· NCAI – Networking & Cabling Applications Integrator

· CIC – Cabling Infrastructure Contractor




In Johnson Controls’ Intelligent Building Sourcebook, James Carlini was published with a chapter on “Measuring a Building’s IQ.”  Also, he assisted in developing a multi-level certification program for the Cabling Business  Institute.

Some of his pioneering work in the building cabling area has provided guidelines for assessing telephone cabling, fiber optic networks, telecommunication closets and local area networks.  These findings and approaches have been published in leading Real Estate, Information Systems, and Telecommunication professional journals.  Part of our cabling assessments have included work as an expert witness on several cases including a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving network infrastructure at a major Las Vegas casino as well as reviewing tenant damages within a major property manager’s buildings including Century City, Beverly Hills, Phoenix, downtown Chicago, Kansas City and Milwaukee .

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James Carlini was the Consultant to the Mayor’s Office on the planning and design of the Chicago 911 Emergency Communications Center which is still rated  #1 by the Homeland Security Agency.